Pre-Debut Speculation

A whirlwind of speculation was born when Pledis Boss added, not one, but two new groups to a list of artists he works for on Twitter. One of them was Pledis Entertainment’s upcoming male group, NU’EST, created from five of the Pledis Boys, while the other group, called Venus, was unknown. As Han lists both After School and Orange Caramel, many After School fans began to wonder if VeNuS was an upcoming subgroup of the since Pledis Boss had previously stated that he would create another subgroup of After School. Rumored information about the group’s concept, members, music style, and image became the hot speculation on many fansites.

However, rumors were soon put to rest when Han replied to one curious After School fan that Venus was not to be a subgroup of After School.  Later Pledis Boss changed the name from ‘Venus’ to ‘Hello Venus’ after which both news and photos was released showing the six member group soon to debut under Pledis Entertainment.  Three of the members of Hello Venus come from Pledis (Lime, Yooara, and Yonjo), while the other three come from Fantagio (Nara, Yooyoung, and Alice).


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